Our Journey

We aim to change the world. Make the life easier not just for diabetics but for all of us with a need for an improvement. We started our journey with children with type I diabetes. All blood glucose meters were black, dull and boring.


We wanted to make a meter for children, a meter that motivates children, makes them want to measure their blood glucose values often, encourage them on their way to better treatment balance, find a smile on their faces when the meter shows their results with a happy face or different images from Angry Birds collection. It worked. Kids got more freedom as their blood glucose values were sent automatically to their parents and caretakers. This is what Modz is all about – making a difference.

Our team consists of innovative, hard-working professionals, and our work is based on our three key values:

  • Understanding: We understand the needs of diabetics and their families and healthcare professionals.
  • Success: Our products are innovative and high-quality.
  • Positivity: Modz makes you smile!

With a Modz in your pocket, you are part of a community whose key goal is your well-being. Our work has received a great deal of international recognition, including RedDot Award in 2014.

Changing the future of diabetics

As we enter 2016 it is time to move forward. People around the globe are not feeling well. Obesity is a growing problem and diabetes, especially type II, is expanding rapidly. There are already close to 600 million diabetics in the world and according to Reuters, diabetes kills more than HIV, tuberculosis and malaria combined. Someone dies of diabetes every six seconds.


Collecting diabetes data globally is the solution to fully understand the problem and its complexity. We will crowd source the data and content and provide extensive diabetes analytics over different demographics for consumers and healthcare professionals globally.  This is something new in the field of diabetes. The technology is there but no one has applied it before. Just as an example, healthcare professionals could be interested in knowing regional differences within a country. Possibly, crowd sourced data could help doctors to reveal the cause of diabetes in different countries.

Join us today!

The focus of our new approach is to develop an app for smartphones that collects the diabetes related data and other readings. The app encourages, motivates and rewards the user towards a better treatment balance. It is time to provide all diabetics, whether type I or II, a holistic view of their situation globally.


So, we really are on our way to changing the world for the better. Download Modz App today and join our journey to make the life of diabetes a lot easier!


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