Consistent measuring equals better results

With Modz, children will finally want to measure consistently and thus achieve improved blood glucose (BG) values. Points and rewards make measuring exciting and reminders help them to be consistent. Parents stay up-to-date with both e-mail and text message notifications and a web-based monitoring and analytics system.

When measuring blood glucose is a must

For a diabetic measuring blood glucose several times a day is vital in order to decide on the actions of self-care. But how do you explain that to a diabetic child? Using MODZ blood glucose meter measuring gets fun for the child and reassuring for the parents.

Fun measuring results in better HbA1c and health

Since measuring with MODZ is more fun and motivational, Modz users measure their BG more frequently. As studies show, the more frequent one measures their BG, the easier it is for them to reach and maintain a good HbA1c value.

Be safe, in real time

Get your child’s measuring results in real time to your cell phone either by SMS or email. No need for the child to press any button – MODZ will take care of it automatically. Stop worrying whether your child remembers to measure or not, the meter will take care of the reminding for you. And you will be noted, if a measurement is missed.

Independent, confident kids.

The main driver behind Modz’s design was the observation that there are no cool gadgets for kids with chronic diseases. Yet children will suffer the most when they stand out negatively and get social stigma. Modz looks so cool that friends and classmates of a diabetic kid want to have one too! The Modz blood glucose monitor fosters self-care and juveniles become independent as they learn how their diabetes works.

Secure a healthy future for your diabetic child

The meter increases the measurement density and motivates the child to reach better blood glucose levels (HbA1c). The risk of secondary diseases is much lower.

Skip the diabetes notebook

In addition to your cell phone, the meter also sends the results in real-time to a designated cloud service on the internet, where all test results and the carbohydrate contents of meals, insulin dosage as well as sports exercises logged in the meter will be stored. It’s the ultimate automatic electronic diabetes diary always available. It connects effortlessly the diabetic and their family with the healthcare team.

What People Say About Modz

“With the Modz meter, it’s easier to be a diabetic.”

– Maya, 10 years


“My 4 year-old son wakes me up in the morning, excited to see if he’ll get a smiling face as a result for his blood sugar level.”

– Helen


“The meter has saved us from very severe situations many times. With teenage T1D twin boys it’s vital for me to know whether they have measured or not.”

– Mary


“The diagnosis was a revolution in our life. New type of fear and responsibility came into our life. Modz gives relief and peace of mind.”

– Peter

“Modz diabetes self-care device gives kids back their freedom”

– Wired Magazine (read full story)

“We’re delighted to see Angry Birds help and motivate kids to take care of themselves. Gamification in eHealth can turn self-care into something fun and exciting for everyone, not just for kids.”

– Mighty Eagle Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio

Max’s story

“For Max, our teenage son Modz has really made a difference. Before he forgot to measure quite often and his HbA1c was at 75 (9%). With Modz’s reminders and gamification features he got really motivated and within just two months he was able to lower the level to 56 (7.3%). The most exciting thing, for him, was achieving higher game levels with the Angry Birds themed game-like monitoring system. From a parent’s point of view it is impossible to describe how happy this makes me!”


– Mary, Max’s mum

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Modz, is the world’s first motivational blood glucose meter

✓ Motivates children and young adults achieve ideal blood glucose levels
✓ Keeps parents and care takers informed of results in real time
✓ Connects family and healthcare team on secure cloud service

A Finnish health technology company, Modz develops products and services to motivate self-care in close co-operation with users and specialists. Our work has received a great deal of international recognition and awards such as the Red Dot design award.

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